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Annette Haven
Actress, Model
December 1, 1954
Las Vegas, Nevada

Various Schools & Universities

Annette Haven Biography

Early Life

Annette Haven was born Annette Martin in December 1954, in Las Vegas, USA. She came from a religiously and politically conservative Mormon family. she fell in love with her 20 year-old boyfriend, and left home to get married. The marriage lasted two years. Following the dissolution of her marriage Annette moved to San Francisco. Having trained as a ballet dancer as a young woman, she began dancing in erotic shows, and eventually worked as a stripper. Despite being a straight 'A' student, Annette dropped out of college and returned to porn in 1976, appearing in films such as 'Autobiography of a Flea' (1976), 'Easy Alice' (1976) and 'Tell Then Johnny Wadd Is Here' (1976). 

Later Life

During the late 1970's Annette's career went from strength to strength and she starred in some of her best movies. "It was just wonderful. Things just got better and I did a whole list of films I'm very proud of… I started out at $150 a day… I worked my way up and up, and I've kept it there. Everybody knows that my price is kind of high. If you don't want to pay it, don't call." But people did call constantly. She established herself not only as a classy porn star, but also as a reliable actress. Furthermore, unlike many of her contemporaries, Annette drew the line with what she would and would not do in front of the camera. I won't allow any degrading act unless it's vital to the story.

Current Life

Despite her retirement, Annette Haven never lost contact with the adult industry though. She eventually returned to the scene in the late 1990's with the blessing of her husband. "I wouldn't marry a jealous man. I think it's a sickness. You can't possess another person." Nevertheless, she only appeared in fetish and bondage movies. "I'm not in this business for money. If I wanted to be a prostitute there's people in the Mid-east who have offered a million dollars to sleep with me." By this point her fear of AIDS within the industry had diminished. Mostly now I just speak publicly, as a motivational speaker, write, travel the world, and champion social causes.

Reality TV and Other Work

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